Have you ever found yourself happily cruising through town or on the highway and all of a sudden, the blue lights from a police vehicle are flashing behind you? The first thing you usually do is look at your speedometer to see how fast you were going. If you were at the legal speed, you might start to wonder what is going on. So you pull over and get your license, registration, and proof of insurance ready. The cop greets you and tells you that one of your tail lights is out.

When it comes to tail lights, they are usually the last thing on your mind because they are behind you and you typically do not see them. Luckily, cops will usually just give you a warning and tell you to get it fixed as soon as possible. This is where we come in!

Here at Route 44 Toyota, we are able to inspect/replace your tail lights and make sure that they are in working order. We can also check/replace the lights that illuminate your rear license plate, which is another thing that cops like to pull you over for.

Time to Clean Those Headlights!

Additionally, we can also inspect and clean your headlights! You frequently drive in the dark, fog, rain, or snow and you depend on those lights to be as bright as possible. Over time, however, those headlight coverings begin to dull due to exposure from the elements.

If your Toyota's headlights are no longer shining as brightly as they used to, come to us and we will clean them up for you! We only use the best cleaning solutions and techniques so we don't cause any damage and your lights will shine as brightly as ever!

We recommend having your tail lights inspected twice a year and your headlights cleaned once every season, so schedule a service appointment with us today!

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