When most people think about the fluids that need to be refilled or replaced in their vehicle, they think about engine oil, and engine oil alone. Unfortunately, engine oil isn't the only vehicle fluid that you need to pay attention to.

Your Toyota has a variety of fluids that can lead to costly repairs if ignored, such as transmission oil, brake fluid and coolant. These fluids all need to be replaced or refilled at regular intervals to keep your Toyota running smoothly for years down the road.

That's where our team at Route 44 Toyota comes in. Our service technicians are experts in all things Toyota, so they know how to identify the signs of a fluid that needs replacing. And since we know what's best for your Toyota, we have the OEM-recommended fluids on hand at all times.

Although it is possible to replace the fluids in your Toyota yourself, we recommend letting the experts take care of your vehicle. Stop in and see us at Route 44 Toyota, and we'll make sure your Toyota is topped off on all the right fluids to keep the vehicle happy and healthy.

How often do you fluids need to be replaced  off?

There are five main fluids you want to keep an eye on in your vehicle: transmission oil, differential oil, coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid. Each of these fluid comes with their own special set of refill or replacement instructions.

  • Transmission oil should be replaced with OEM fluid every 30,000 miles

  • Differential oil should be replaced every 30,000 miles for conventional gear oil, and synthetics should be replaced every 60,000 miles

  • Coolant should be replaced at least every two to three years, though checking it whenever you get your oil changed is recommended

  • Brake fluid should be replaced every two years

  • Power steering fluid should be replaced every three years or 30,000 miles

If you're in need of a fluid replacement, refill or top-off, simply schedule a service appointment at Route 44 Toyota today! Service appointments can be scheduled online or by phone at (844) 846-7250.

Route 44 Toyota is located at 11554 New State Highway in Raynham, Massachusetts.

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